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Reserach and Development

“Where Technology Meets Commitment”

Registered Office

99237 97930

Venture Center, NCL Innovation Park, Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Near Pashan, Pune 411008, India

R&D Facilities

Venture Center

09:00 – 05.00

NCL Innovation Park

09:00 – 05.00


09:00 – 05.00


Why are we Different?

Our R&D model involves a department composed of industrial researchers, all of who are tasked with applied research in technical, scientific, or industrial fields. We are supported by a group of eminent scientists from India and abroad as our valued advisors to endorse a collaborative network.

This model facilitates the development of future products or the
improvement of current products and/or operating procedures
pertaining to active ingredient research programs of pharma,
speciality chemical and life sciences industries.

Young female testing new substance in chemistry lab

Service Market

Whom are we for?

We are currently focusing on six major industries as stated below, and are expanding into more as we steadily grow in the field. Check out our services to know more


Areas of Service

Bulk Drug

Industry expertise in Bulk Drug and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingridient)


Development of new chemistry/chemical technology

Speciality Chemicals

Preparation of intermediate chemicals, preparation of impurity standards

IP Wealth Management

Intellectual property wealth creation, providing experimental support for IP litigations

Contract Research

Contractual research services on synthetic chemistry. Research programs for API lifecycle management, design, development and test for experimental protocols

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